EMMA Coconut Cooking Oil, 100% Pure Coconut Oil (12 Bottles x 1L)

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Emma Coconut Cooking Oil 12 Bottles x 1L [Exp: 10/2023]

Emma Minyak Masak Kelapa 1L, Cooking Oil, Coconut Oil, Minyak Kelapa

☑️100% Minyak Kelapa Tulen. Tiada campuran dengan minyak lain-lain

☑️Tiada Pengawet

☑️Rasa & Aroma Semulajadi

☑️Sesuai untuk Memasak dan Baking

☑️Tahap berasap yang TInggi lagi Stabil (232 celcius)

☑️Sesuai untuk Menggoreng, Menumis, Memanggang dan BBQ

☑️Tidak akan Mengubah Rasa Makanan yang dimasak

✅100% Pure Coconut Oil. It's not blended oil which mix with other oil.

✅No preservatives added

✅Neutral Taste and Aroma

✅Ideal for Cooking and Baking

✅Stable & High smoke point (232 degree Celcius)

✅Perfect for high-heat cooking like deep frying, sauteing, grilling, and BBQ

✅Will not change the taste of the cooked food





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