About us

Halal Food Master (HFM) is a new, innovative, and rapidly growing online marketplace for worldwide to hunt for clean and Halal-certified products. We are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and established in October 2016. Our website are

At here, HFM is always striving to lead with our values and to make these become a wildly successful business venture for vendors, offering Halal-Certified Food and Beverage products for sale.

We offer an easy, convenient and reliable way for vendors to use numerous advantages of our marketplace platform. To ensure all of the products delivered with their utmost quality and food standards, we constantly monitor on every single product listed and our customers can enjoy a worry-free and seamless shopping journey, all at fingertips.

To be online shopping paradise for Halal Food and Beverage product.

Seeks to create and give our valued customers the most compelling online shopping experience possible.

Unique Selling Points (USPs)
We remain steadfast to the USPs that have defined the way we operated HFM marketplace, and on which our reputation has been established.
1. Convenient
2. Certified
3. Consistence
4. Credibility
5. Control