ASTAR Ume & Black Vinegar Ball (150s)

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Astar Ume & Black Vinegar Ball (150s)

Japanese home remedy to improve digestion, relieve stomach discomfort and enhance overall good health.

Ume, the Japanese Plum (Prunus mume) has enjoyed great popularity in Japan for centuries. Known as the “Blue Diamond Fruit”, the Japanese believe that a plum a day keeps 100 illnesses away.

Alkaline in nature, Ume contains Mumefural and organic acids like citric acid and malic acid which fight against fatigue.

Black vinegar (fermented from brown rice, wheat, millet and sorghum) is rich in amino acids, minerals and citric acid. It helps reduce fatigue caused by the build-up of lactic acid, supports the conversion of food to energy, enhances digestive health and increases energy levels.

Reap the benefits of Ume & Black Vinegar in Ume & Black Vinegar Balls:

Made from high quality Japanese plums harvested when the nutrient content is at its peak.

Manufactured by a renowned Japanese Plum Balls pioneer using modern advanced ball-making technology to ensure the highest quality.

100% Natural – no preservatives, binders, colouring or flavouring added.


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