BEAGRANS Mix-Lah Ice Blended Powder - Coconut Milk [1KG /HALAL]

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BEAGRANS Mix-Lah Ice Blended Powder - Coconut Milk [1KG /HALAL]

Refreshing and vitalizing, you wont go wrong with a coconut milkshake from us.

Serbuk Ice blended jenama GFB yang amat popular sekarang, iaitu boleh digunakan untuk air Milk Shake, smoothie, ice cream dan pencuci manis.

  • Halal Product
  • Malaysia made Product
  • Certified HACCP, GMP


non dairy creamer, sugar, maltodextrin, dextrose, milk solid powder, food permitted stabilizer and food flavour.

Iceblend/ Milkshake Premix Powder is formulated for simple preparation and its time saving.

1. All you need to do is add water/ /hot water/ ice & powder.

2. Adjust the creaminess and taste by adding extra fresh milk or syrup.

3. For topping & more decoration,whipping cream/ cocoa powder/ chocolate rice/ cornflake/ nuts can be added to the Iceblend beverages.

Ice Blended Preparing Method

Milkshake Preparing Method


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