Halal for All

Benefits Of Eating Halal Food

While Halal is generally associated with the Muslim religion, the practice is slowly becoming popular as an eating habit in relation to a healthy lifestyle. However, the idea of Halal diet is still something that has not been explored to be familiar to the public. Considering that there may be vast misconceptions about Halal diet, let us dive into its concept as well as some of its notable health benefits.

What is Halal food?

Before we head on to the benefits of eating Halal food or having a Halal diet, let us first go over and know what Halal means exactly? As mentioned earlier, Halal is often associated to Muslims and the Islam religion. This is because the concept of Halal as an eating habit is particularly prescribed in the Muslim scripture Qu’ran. Halal is the Arabic word for lawful and permitted and the idea of Halal as a dietary standard pertains to the definition that food should be processed, made, produced, manufactured, stored, and even tended in accordance with the Islamic law. In a more general sense, Halal diet are considered clean, safe, hygiene, and beneficial for the body. Taking this into consideration, the concept of Halal as a diet slowly came to life and mainly includes domestic birds, cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, fishes, fruits, vegetables, dairy, egg, pulses, legumes, and shellfish.

Cleaner animals

While there is no question that slaughtered animals for meat should be clean, the concept of Halal takes cleanliness and pureness to the next level. In Halal, there is an intense focus in cleanliness and pureness that the animals should be treated impeccably and should be fed with clean feeds. In the same sense, Halal farms refrain from using antibiotics, additives, as well as abstain from using anti-infection agents and chemicals that are considered to be harmful.

Healthy animals

In relation to cleaner animals, Halal laws prohibits the slaughter of a sick animal. In this sense, Halal farms maintain a clean and disease-free environment to ensure that the animals remain healthy all throughout the process.

Healthier and cleaner meat

Halal law requires that the blood should be totally depleted from the carcass upon slaughter. This practice results to a better and fresher meat that is free from stress and bacteria. Some also say that the stress-free slaughter of the animals results to a softer and tender meat.

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Halal as a diet for non-Muslims is still a concept and practice that haven’t been explored as much. Regardless, it is safe to say that eating cleaner and healthier meat would also result to a healthier body. Many of us are consuming food that are Halal-Certified without us realizing. The next time, you may check it out on the packaging before consuming. Hopefully this article was able to provide you with enough information as to what Halal diet truly is.

Some of the Halal-Seals around the world