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What is Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty element made by the liver and distributed all over the body. It allows our bodies to make vitamin D and hormones and makes up bile acids. Our body synthize 75% of total cholesterol and 25% from food intake.

Why is high cholesterol dangerous?

Higher cholesterol levels are one of the major risk reasons for heart disease, stroke, and peripheral artery disease. The machinery involving cholesterol in the above three diseases is not different; plaque buildup within arteries reduces blood flow affecting the role of the cells and organs that the blood vessels supply.

ViTas Organic Soymilk Powder Plus Plant Sterol Help Reduce Cholesterol Effectively

ViTas Organic Soymilk has dwifunction to reduce cholesterol

a) enhance with plant sterol

b) high soy protein


Vitas Organic Soymilk Powder has enhanced with PLANT STEROL as natural ingredients help reduces blood cholesterol levels by inhibiting absorption of cholesterol produced in the small intestine either internally or through the diet. In other words, help to reduce cholesterol either generated from body and intake through diet.There are 2 common approved therories

a) Joint Precipitation of Plant Sterol and Chlesterol

Cholesterol is dissolved with other fats in the intestine lumen. However, monoglycerids are absorbed from the stomach and thereby, concentrations of non-easily absorbed substances are formed. When these substances reach a critical level, they can produce the precipitation of the solution. These happens with plant sterol and cholesterol, due to their very similar structure. Both of them, in their free form (crystalized) are very insoluble in fats and micelles, and they mutually limit solubility. For this reason, the higher phytosterols amount there is the less solubility aand perhaps the more quantity of cholesterol is precipated.

b) Fight for space in the micelles

Micelles mixes are made up of biliary salts, glycerids, phospholipids, fat acids, free cholesterol and liposoluble micronturients. They are very efficient structures that make lipids segregated by small intestine soluble. As we know, plant sterol structure is very similar to cholesterol one and thereby a "fight" for space in the miclle structure can be produced. Obviously, the most plant sterol there are, the less space in the micelle for cholesterol and as a result, the less cholesterol absorption from the stomach there is.


ViTas Organic SoyMilk powder contains high soya protein (16%) and Soya Protein helps to reduce cholesterol. There is more and more proof that consumption of soy protein in place of animal protein lowers cholesterol level and may produce other cardiovascular benefits. Epidemiologists have long noted that Asian populations who consume soy food as a dietary staple have a lower incidence of CVD than those who consume typical western diet.

Daily soy protein consumption resulted in a 9.3% decrease in total serum cholesterol, a 12.9% decrease in LDL cholesterol, and 10.5% decrease in triglycerides.

Soy protein contains all the essential amino acids in sufficient quantities to support human life and is therefore a complete protein. Several components associated with soy protein have been implicated in the hypocholesterolemic benefits: trypsin inhibitors, phytic acid, saponins, isoflavones and fiber.

Both soy groups had significantly better blood lipid profiles (average change from baseline, 8.2% decrease in non-HDL cholesterol) than the casein group.

Tryposin Inhibitors

Trypsin inhibitors are ubiquitous in foods. All soy products are heat-treated, which destroy most of the activity of trypsin inhibitors. This would then stimulate bile acid synthesis from cholesterol and thus help to eliminate cholesterol through the gastrointestinal tract.

Phytic Acid

The hypothesis advanced is that soy foods contain both copper and phytic acid and consequently may reduce cholesterol levels by decreasing the ratio of zinc to copper.


These compounds may add to cholesterol lowering by increasing bile excretion.


Isoflavones are present in all soy flours and in concentrates and isolates produced by a water extraction process. The beneficial effects of estrogen include lower LDL cholesterol and increased HDL cholesterol. Soy protein containing isoflavones lowered cholesterol significantly more than soy protein without isoflavones in humans.

Other Benefit ViTas Organic SoyMilk Powder

a) Inulin was added as prebiotic. Help to growth the good bacteria in the intestine.

b) It improves blood sugar level. This is because it contains high soluble fiber. Furthermore, ViTas Organic Soymilk Powder is less sweet.

c) Weight Management- the high content fiber in ViTas Organic SoyMilk help in maintaining healthy weight.

d) Suitable for Vegetarian

e) Suitable for lactose intolerants consumers

f) No added Non Dairy Creamer- contain high trans-fat that increases your bad cholesterol (LDL) while sinking the more beneficial (HDL) cholesterol. This can raise your risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

g) Suitable for Gout problem consumer group- we use skin peeled Organic Soymilk powder which has no PURINES.

h) GOOD TASTE- the good aroma of soybean give pleasant taste, smooth mouthfeel and less sweet.


ViTas Organic Soymilk Vs Oat Bran Powder (20% Beta Glucan)

Vitas soymilk

ViTas Organic soymilk is smooth, creamy and less sweet. It has no gummy effect. But oat bran powder form thick vicious when added to water with a gummy effect.

ViTas Organic Soymilk Vs Cow Milk

Most people , especially Malaysian dislike the smell of cow milk but prefer soymilk.

How To Consume ViTas Organic SoyMilk?

Add 1 scoop of ViTas Organic SoyMilk to 150ml warm water (60 celcius). Stir it, drink it. ENJOY IT

Regular Exercise

High cholesterol patients are advised to exercise 3 times a week at the duration of 30 minutes each time.

Cholesterol Medicine Takers

Consumers who are taking cholesterol reduction medicine such as Tatin can drink ViTas Organic Soymilk Powder.

Continue take medicine who prescribe by doctors.

- Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and children under age of five years.





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