BG King Bio Barley Bran Complete Nutrition (800gm)

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BG King Bio Barlety Bran Complete Nutrition

BG King is made from 24 natural grains, medicinal food and seeds. It contains no preservatives and lactose, giving you high quality fibre, various minerals and nutrients, including calcium, iron, phosphorus, protein, vitamin B etc., to help maintain intestinal health, keep a healthy cholesterol balance, control blood sugar and blood lipid level, and hence, reducing the risk of developing heart disease.

Just 1 cup a day with 2 minutes to make, is all you need to fill your tummy with the healthiest grains your body needs. You can now say no to sugary snacks and processed food. So easy, so fast, so healthy!
Treat yourselves and your family of all ages with the best 100% natural premium oats soluble fiber drink in the market. Staying healthy together with friends and family has never been this easy!

24 Multi Grains & Beans
Barley Bran (Beta Glucan), Oragnic Soy Powder, Brown Rice Powder, Buck Wheat, Oat, Job's Tear, Black Bean, Black Sesame, Red Bean, Mung Bean, Rice Bean, Flower Bean, Corn, Pine Seed, Ginkgo, Lotus Seed, Lily Turf, Chinese Yam, Euryale Seed, Poria, Goji Berries, Lily, Organic Millet & Soy Lecithin.

- 100% Natural
- Preservatives Free
- Lactose Free
- No Colouring
- High in Dietary Fiber, Protein, Minerals & Vitamins
- Non-GMO Oat, Soy Lechitin

- Lowers Cholesterol Level
- Lower Blood Pressure
- Boots Immune System
- Strengthens Bones
- Improve Brain Function
- Source of Energy
- Regulate Body Metabolism
- Rich in Antioxidant
- Promote Blood Circulation
- Prevent Constipation

Direction for use
1. 2 scoops of BG King Complete Nutrition
2. Pour of 150-200ml warm water
3. Stir well and ready to serve
*Addition rolled oats or maple syrup to taste are optional.

  • Nutritious drink for children and elderly
  • Quick and easy meal for office workers
  • Meal replacement for diet
  • Breakfast for the whole family
  • Suitable for Children, Maternity & Old Ages.


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