BIONUTRICIA EXTRACT Coffee (Coffea) Standardized Extract Powder (100g)

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● Pure 50:1 Coffee Extract Powder
● Ultrasonic solvent extraction
● Vegan
● Non-GMO
● No Fillers
● No Flavors
● No Additives
● No Preservatives
● No Artificial Colors
● Soy and Gluten-Free
Our coffee powder is a spray dried powder on maltodextrin from high quality coffee bean (mixture of arabica and robusta) with maximum coffee aroma reserved.
The powder is able to dissolve in water without sediment. It can be added with sugar and milk to make into different coffee beverages or incorporated into any baking or confectionery recipes.
The packing of the coffee powder is also airtight to make sure the flavour can be maintained throughout the storage.


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