BIONUTRICIA EXTRACT Isolated Soy Protein Powder (200g)

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● Vegan
● Non-GMO
● Alcohol Free
● Sugar Free
● No Artificial Colors
● Gluten-Free
Isolated soy protein powder is the perfect option when someone neef fuel throughout the day or as a protein boost after workout. They are unflavoured meaning can be added to any recipes, favourite shakes, smoothies, or the production of baked goods.
Including isolated soy protein in pregnancy diet is also an alternative for lactose intolerant mothers. For individuals who want to replace animal based foods that contain saturated fats, isolated soy protein also acts as a good substitute since it is top in the plant-based protein list.
It is a good emulsifying agent due to the naturally presence of soybean lecithin. So it can mix oil and water to become an emulsion for wider application. It also provide good gel strength. In food application, it can be added in gravy or meat product to hold water and preserve the taste and flavour of meat products.
Soy isolates are mainly used to improve the texture of meat products, but are also used to increase protein content, to enhance moisture retention, and as an emulsifier.


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