BIONUTRICIA EXTRACT Liposomal Vitamin C + Lemon Lime Standardized Extract Powder (150g)

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Liposomes are manufactured microscopic, hollow spherical vesicles composed of a lipid bilayer. When loaded with vitamin C, liposomes are a very effective method of supplement delivery. Vitamin C that is surrounded by a layer of fat will help the vitamin C to enter our cells from the bloodstream. This is crucial because Vitamin C is water soluble. Liposomes are designed to easily pass into your cells so vitamin C does not get excreted in urine. Once the vitamin C has been delivered, the liposomes break down and our body will utilize the MCTs to make new cells.

Encapsulated Technology makes Liposomal Vitamin C up to 2x more bioavailable than regular Vitamin C.

Why use liposomes to deliver vitamin C?
Compared with vitamin C infusion, oral vitamin C administration is typically less effective, in part due to inferior vitamin C bioavailability. Following ingestion, subsequent vitamin C bioavailability is largely determined by rates of intestinal absorption and further influenced by renal reabsorption and excretion. Infusion of vitamin C is an impractical mode of administration for most of the general public and also carries a risk of infection and discomfort. Accordingly, oral consumption of vitamin C encapsulated in liposomes is of great interest.


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