Sufiin oat energy bar

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sufiin oat energy bar is healthy ready to eat food that suits everyone .It is rich in vitamin A and C , minerals , phytonutrients that provide instant energy to the body . Sufiin is simple , delicious and fullfilling .Sufiin oat energy bar has been accredited with HALAL by Jakim , ISO 22000 , HACCP and GMP . Lab test proves that sufiin oat energy bar are cholesterol free.It is suitable and safe for athletes as it has been screened for 146 sustances by Doping Control Centre , University Science Malaysia and No prohibited sustances(s) found.

Our target market are mainly active and health conscious customers.It is expected to be a MUST BUY product as it provides nutrition and energy needed to the body and can be takeb Anedytime , Anyway !!!!

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