Eureka Popcorn Classic Caramel 80g

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Classic Caramel

Caramel, caramel and caramel! I’m the ingenious classic caramel popcorn, and Classic Caramel is me! Can you resist my scrumptiousness that formulated with brilliant combination? Well, there’s no harm in pampering yourself with a good snack like me once in a while. Caramelized your moments with Classic Caramel!

Eureka is halal certified by Jakim. Popcorn is 100% whole grain product. Eureka popcorns come in round shape that makes it 100% coated evenly in every piece with favorite seasoning. Eureka popcorns only use non GMO popcorn maize and natural fine ingredients to “pop” this extraordinary snack and bring fun to kill your bore moment. Eureka packaging is made of premium quality materials which can maintain the original crunchiness & taste of our popcorns. at anytime before the end of our popcorn’s shelf life. Caramel - Popcorn with caramel has always been the favorite choice and is most welcomed by all ages with sweet tooth. For decades, it is identified as the preferred flavor among all popcorn lovers.


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