BlACKGHARU Organic Coconut Palm Sugar (650g)

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100% Natural quality assured (No Chemical & Preservative)

Low in Sugar level, Best healthy substitute for White sugar

High in Fiber/Iron/Zinc/Calcium/Potassium, Improve Immune & body function

Coconut Biscuit/Cake/Dessert, Cooking, ORGANIC COCONUT PALM SUGAR00G


- Coconut sugar is a high source of nutrient including fiber, iron, zinc, calcium and potassium. They are also low in sugar level whereby it can be the best healthy substitute for white sugar. Because of their high nutrient density, coconut sugar is very good for the gut, help reduce blood sugar, inflammation and cholesterol.

- Fiber : Helps improve our heart health, makes us feel full, helps with digestion and detoxification.

- Iron : Helps to transport oxygen throughout the blood.

- Zinc : Improve immune function, wound healing, helps in blood clotting and thyroid function.

- Calcium : Help to build and maintain a strong skeletal, teeth and bones structure.

- Potassium : Helps to lower blood pressure.

Ingredients (Country of Origin)

- 100% Organic Coconut Sugar (Malaysia)


- Keep in cool and dry places - Away from direct sunlight

- Refrigerate unused portion

- Due to natural variations colors, textures may differ from batch to batch


- Estimated 1 year

- Consume within 3 months after opening


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