by Missy Boo

We’re an E-Commerce Marketplace that founded in 2016 and focus only in Halal Food & Beverages. Throughout the year, we’ve been received tons of support from customers and Merchants. Now, we would like to share 7 facts about Halal Food Master with you.

Short definition of Halal
  • In Arabic word. Halal means ‘permissible’, which means wholesome and fit for human consumption. In other words, it means food that permitted to consume by Muslims under Islamic Law. Malaysia law are very strict towards Halal certification approval. Requirement for food from preparation until end products must be hygiene, wholesome, and comply with Islamic Shariah (law).

1. We’re the first in Malaysia E-Commerce Marketplace that purely focus on Halal Food & Beverages

In Malaysia E-Commerce industry, majority merchants are into electrical, fashion and home appliances. F&B are considered the minor contributor. Thus, HFM grabbed this opportunity and established Halal Food Master on 28th October 2016. Since we are the first online Halal F&B marketplace, we strive to help our customers to select the most safe and high quality local products.

2. Company Background

Halal Food Master are owned by Pn Sri KCM, one of the major shareholder of OSK Holdings Bhd through her interest in Dindings Consolidated Sdn Bhd. Most of the merchants misunderstood the relationship between us and Dindings Poultry. In fact, both of the parties have no mutual interaction and having different business field as we are the Dindings Investment Holdings.

3. Our Vision and Mission

In long term, we aim to help our merchants to distribute and market their products to worldwide muslims and non-muslims who care about product quality and its overall process.

In short term, we hope to penetrate the local market through our brand tagline “Halal Food Master, Your Halal Food Destination” that would embed into our customers mind. Whenever they think of food, they will think of Halal Food Master.

4. Food Quality that up to Standard and Suitable for Everyone

In Halal Food Master, most of our merchants are Halal Certified where their products have to undergo tight quality control process by Jakim to ensure all of our customers purchase with peace of mind through providing product quality assurance. Consumers with all races can skip the product verification process and purchase any product selling at our website.

5. Our theme colour – Green that represent Fresh, Organics, Natural and Clean

Take a glance on our website, you will find out our brand colour is Green. We believe Green colour bring out meaningful and positive messages that represent Fresh, Organics, Natural and Clean which relevant with our brand concept. We ensure besides bringing good quality products to our customers, we also engaged our customers with information on maintaining healthy lifestyle, understand the important of natural and clean food and minimize product lead time to maintain product freshness.

6. One Brand for One Merchant

Other than product quality, HFM concern about product variations that provide multiple choice without repetition of a brand under the same category which encourage our customer expose to wider product selection and support our merchants to continually offer their best service to our customers. We monitor closely on every product’s brand to ensure only one merchant selling on our website. In HFM, we focus on user experience rather than price competitiveness.

7. We help Local SME to growth and expand their business capacity from brick and mortar to online

E-Commerce is booming and growing rapidly in Malaysia. Hence, we aim to support and grow along with our Merchants to provide a convenient and reliable platform to boost their business opportunity. There will be bigger players in market joining us in future and when it happen that will be the great timing for us to go into international market.

In conclusion, HFM look forward to grow our business globally and offer the best service for our customers and merchants to become everyone’s halal food destination.


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