[BULK 8 Packs] Gurun Emas Low Gi Dates Syrup Jumbo Pouch (1.3kg x 8) / Sirap Kurma GI Rendah Gurun Emas

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A. Product:

Taste: Sweet taste with date fruit aroma
Texture: Honey-like concentrated form
Details: Date syrup is 100% extracted from date fruit without any added sugar.

1. For Beverage - Date juice, Dates with Milk, Dates Coffee, Dates Sparkling Juice, Dates Smoothies
2. For Topping - Waffle, Pancake, Ice Cream
3. For Bakery - Cake, Pudding, etc.
4. As Healthy Sweetness - Dates Tea, Dates Coffee

Preparation Method:
1. Iced dates juice - Mix 25g of date syrup to warm water (1/2 glass), and pour into a glass with ice cubes.
2. Dates with Milk - Add 20 - 25g of date syrup to a glass of milk and stir it. It taste better when served cold.
3. Waffle/Pancake Topping - Add 20g of date syrup on top of waffle and pancakes.
Health Benefits: It is tested with Low Gi (GI = 54, it won't cause a spike in blood sugar), and it is high in antioxidant (7,340 ORAC / 100g)

B. Packing:

Content: 8 Pouches x 1.3kg
Certifications: Low Glycemic Index, ISO22000, HACCP, GMP, MeSTI, Halal


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