[BUY 10 FREE SHIPPING] Bentoree Nourishing Soup (380g x 10 Bowls)

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[BUY 10 FREE SHIPPING] Bentoree Nourishing Soup (380g x 10 Bowls)

Bentoree Nourishing Soup is made of premium herbs and chicken under high pressure and temperature. Bentoree Nourishing Soup is heat-sterilized and air-tight sealed to stop microbiological activity, ensuring shelf-life of 1 year.

  • No preservatives added.
  • No refrigeration needed for storage.

Bentoree Nourishing Soup can be taken straight from the cup and is perfect after reheated.

What's your flavor selection (10 bowls):

  1. Ginseng Chicken Soup 参须炖鸡汤
  2. Triple Health Booster Soup 气血三宝汤
  3. Four Herbs Chicken Soup 四神汤
  4. Ginseng Cordyceps Flower Soup 虫草花参汤
  5. Dang Shen Chicken Soup 党参炖鸡汤
  6. Shi Chuan Chicken Soup 十全大补汤
  7. Ba Zhen Chicken Soup 上品八珍汤
  8. Lotus Root Soup with Chicken & Peanut 莲藕花生炖鸡汤 380g
  9. Almond Mushroom Soup 姬松茸养生汤
  10. Glehnia Root Yu Zhu Chicken Soup 沙参玉竹润肺汤


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