HORNG WELL Chocolate Cocoa Malted Drink (35g x 10's)

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HORNG WELL Chocolate Cocoa Malted Drink (35g x 10's)

Horngwell 3 in 1 instant Dark chocolate drinks is special formulated from selected premium grade dark cocoa powder and carefully blend with imported milk powder and cconut sugar, assures pure and delicious taste, smooth and creamy body, perfectly match either hot or cold drink. It's dark without being too dark, a rich medium-brown color, and just the right amount of sweetness.

Let Horngwell blends of Drinking Chocolate brighten a morning, highlight a swelter afternoon or invite you to luxuriate in an after-dinner cup of richness. All are equally delicious as a decadent hot chocolate or poured over ice for a cool summer treat.

√ No contains artificial flavoring

√ No contains artificial coloring

√ Milky profile

√ Creamy notes

√ Imported Milk Powder

√ Coconut sugar added

√ Moderate sweetness

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