Etblisse Soul Full (Original) Organic Shiitake Mushroom Paste 340g

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Etblisse Soul Full Original Mushroom Paste is a pure natural and healthy condiment made from organic Shiitake mushrooms, white sesame, dried radish and various natural ingredients, carefully crafted by our chef, This versatile handmade hot sauce is a great complement to your favourite dishes, noodles or even a bowl of plain rice!


Organic Shiitake Muhroom, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Old Ginger, White Sesame, Dried Radish, Organic Whole Cane Sugar, Non-GMO Soy Sauce, Natural Sea Salt, Kombu, Nutritional Yeast, Soya Protein, Natural Spices

*Without Garlic, Onion, Dairy and Eggs

Suggested Consumption Method:

Add to rice, pan mee, noodles or dishes during food preparation or prior to serving.

Storage Method:

Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Keep refrigerated and use within 6 weeks after opening.

Friendly Reminder: This is a 100% natural and organic product. The flavour and colour of this product may therefore vary slightly due to seasonal variation.

Product of Malaysia


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