EVERBEST Vegetarian Ring Roll Soy Bean (14 Pcs x 300g x 15 Packs) 1 Carton

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Bean Curd (Non-GMO Soybean, Antifoam E900), Palm Oil

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Storage: Keep in cold dry place. After open, keep refrigerated.

Shelf Life : 24 months

Serving method: Just dip in hot pot or hot soup for 3 seconds, and serve.

Halal Certified

The Ring Roll is a traditional food originated from Zhejiang China, purely made from bean curd skin. Ring Roll is best eaten with soup based dishes simply dip in soup for 3 seconds and it’s done! Enjoy the soup base with the crispiness of Ring Roll; it can also be eaten with hot pot or ramen.

168g/box (approximately 14pcs ring roll) / 1 Carton consist of 15BOXES

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