EVERBEST Vegetarian Yuba Maki Roll (5 Pcs / 300g)

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Ingredient: Turnip , premixed konjac powder, bean curd (Non-GMO Soybean), water chestnut palm oil, textured soy protein (wheat flour, soy protein), isolated soy protein, carrot, sugar, modified tapioca starch (E1412), Egg white powder, sesame oil, salt, five spices powder, vegetarian chicken flavour, vegetarian meat flavour, monosodium glutamate (E621),white pepper powder.

A combination of bean curd skin and soy textured essence gives the Veg. Yuba Maki Roll its delightful flavor. Works great as a sumptuous appetizer when lightly deep-fried or steamed.

Net Weight: 5pcs/300g

Storage: Please Store frozen at -18°C


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