GOODMORNING® Pea Protein 18 Grains 1kg

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GOOD MORNING® Pea Protein 18 Grains 1kg FREE V18 500g & Shaker

  • Plant-Based Complete Nutrition Protein Beverage
  • 28 types of Vitamins and Minerals
  • 18 types of amino acids (Complete with 9 essential amino acids)
  • 18 types of Grains
  • Blend with pea protein and soy protein
  • Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Cholesterol Free
  • No 1 Multi-Grain Beverage Brand in Malaysia

Suitable for :

  • Vegetarian
  • Weight management
  • Person who easily tired, no stamina
  • Good for immunity
  • Person who do exercise
  • Person after surgery, for muscle repairing
  • Person who do not eat meat, eggs due to cholesterol and fat, can choose to drink Pea Protein
  • Repairing cells especially for those who have gastric or stomach pain
  • No Cholesterol
  • Lactose Free
  • Suitable for lactose intolerance
  • High in Iron
  • High in Calcium
  • Contain dietary fibre

Preparation :

Mix 4 scoops of Pea Protein with 150ml water.

One day can consume 1-2 glasses.


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