GOODMORNING VGrains Convenient Pack (12 Sachets x 30g)

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Whole grains can be delicious!

There is a saying, “Tasty drinks are unhealthy; healthy drinks do not taste good”. Commonly whole grains give us a perception of not tasting good.

However, GoodMorning VGrains 18 Grains is a healthy and nutritious whole grains drinks with a heart-warming and delicious taste.

VGrains 18 Grains is made up from 18 types of premium whole grains with 5 colours of phytonutrients. It is also added with 7 unique ingredients including purple sweet potato, blueberry, lutein, calcium, soya lecithin, prebiotic inulin and water soluble fibre.

Nutritious beverage with simple preparation (within 5 minutes) may become everyone’s great companion!

  1. Working adult as breakfast or tea
  2. Student who rush to school
  3. Long hours spending with the electronic devices (Lutein and blueberry are food for eye protection)
  4. Elderly
  5. People who sick: High cholesterol, High blood pressure, High sugar levels
  6. Health conscious person
  7. Constipations person
  8. Love beauty

GoodMorning® VGrains is made from selected 18 types of premium whole grains with 5 colours of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are plant chemicals that provide plants with colour and flavour and have protective properties from virus and bacteria.

These 18 Grains with 5 colour foods can an the 5 principle organs in our body.

Red (Red Rice, Red Bean) nourishes the heart

Green (Mung Bean, Green Bean) nourishes the liver

Yellow (Brown Rice, Corn, Soya Bean, Wheat, Millet) benefits the spleen and stomach

White (Job's Tears, Lotus Seeds, Flax Seed) moistens the lungs

Black (Black Sesame, Walnut, Apricot Kernel, Black Bean, Chia Seed, Glutinous Rice) nourishes the kidneys


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