GRANTE Pomegranate + Cherry Juice (750ml) 100% Natural [CARTON]

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GRANTE Pomegranate + Cherry Juice (750ml) 100% Natural


Perfect combinations, of course! Grante pomegranate-cherry juice is a vitamin duo that will definitely impress you.

Royal fruit - pomegranate - increases haemoglobin, improves blood, has a positive effect on blood vessels and heart function, as well as awakens appetite and strengthens immunity.

And savoury cherry is a real shield against viruses and colds: its juice has antiseptic and expectorant effects. It also contains ascorbic acid and P-vitaminoactive tannins. They strengthen blood vessels, reduce high blood pressure, and increases the body's resistance to adverse effects. For example, to an increased radiation background.

Ingredients: pomegranate juice, directly expressed cherry juice

Volume: 750 ml

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Storage / Preparation Method: Chiller/Room Temperature

Product Packaging Size & Variations:

Single Bottle: W 10, L 10, H 30

8 bottles pack: W 20, L 35, H 30

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