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Abeille D'Or Green Kale (30 sachets) X 2 BOXES

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Our Green Kale powder is made of premium Japanese Kale. Green Kale is imported from Japan, manufacturing by Yakult Health Foods. It is a safe and reliable product brought to you under thorough quality control from soil control of farm to cultivation/ nurturing of raw materials, and development/ production, to bring you kale’s nutrients in its genuine form. No artificial colouring, flavouring or preservative is added. .


Aojiru (Green Juice) is a kind of food, like vegetables, it sustains life and health, something we cannot do without.

What is Kale?

* A big Kale leaf (approximately 62cm) can be made into 2 cups of Aojiru Green Kale.

Kale is a cruciferous vegetable which is considered an original species of cabbage and broccoli. It has been called “Queen of Greens”, a natural superfood.

Kale contains β-carotene and is high in calcium.

It has

5.4 times more β-carotene than tomatoes

3.7 times more magnesium than Japanese mustard spinach

3.8 times more calcium than edamame (soybeans in pods)

Our Kale

Premium kale is grown in special soil, which does not contain chemicals and pesticides. Removing worms and harvesting are all done by hand by our contract farmers. The leaves are harvested in the morning and immediately transferred to the factory to maintain the freshness of the leaves. They are squeezed with caution, and using minimal amount of heat the leaves are turned into powder.

Matama Factory in Oita obtains the certifications of ISO 9001 for quality assurance, ISO 22000 for safety, ISO 14001 for environmental management, as well as the health food GMP certification.

Rich and mild taste. Our production process allows us to maintain the freshness of the kale leaves, keeping its rich, mild taste, colour and flavor.

No artificial colouring, flavouring or preservative is added.

NUTRITION FACTS 营养成份 Per 2 sticks(9g)/ 每2包(9克)
Energy/能量 29kcal
Carbohydrate/碳水化合物 6.6g
Dietary Fibre/膳食纤维 1.2g
Protein/蛋白质 0.8g
Fat/脂肪 0.2g
Sodium/钠 572mg
β-Carotene/β-胡萝卜素 543μg
Vitamin C/维生素 C 44mg
Vitamin K/维生素 K 85μg
Folic acid/叶酸 2.1μg
Iron/铁 0.2mg
Calcium/钙 120mg
Potassium/钾 318mg
Magnesium/镁 26mg
Polyphenol/多酚 45mg
Lutein/叶黄素 0.8mg

** All value above are approximate.以上数值为近似值


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