HAVENLY TASTE’ Musang King Premium Durian Coffee (30g x 10 sachets)

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HAVENLY TASTE’ Musang King Premium Durian Coffee (30g x 10 sachets)

Musang King durians have a world-known reputation and is much sought after by durian lovers. Labelled as the ‘King Of The Fruits’ in Asia, its supreme taste and uncontended legacy far surpasses any other fruit. Its popular signature smell and creamy custardy taste makes all durin lovers knee go week all around the world.

‘Havenly Taste Brand’ Musang King Premium Durian Coffee By Bizandry Brands Network introduce it in a special blend of Arabica Premium Coffee with the finest extract of Musang King Durian for all coffee lovers. It is easy to prepare and a great enjoyment for your taste buds.

Musang King Durians originate from the golden soil of Pahang, one of the largest forestry landscape in West Malaysia. Its natural environment and mother nature, produces this superior breed of Musang King Durians.

Besides the great taste, you will also enjoy the hidden natural benefits of Musang King Durian, uncovered and delivered to you in a cup of coffee.

Musang King Durian is known for its natural warm effect that improves blood circulation , enhancing and balancing body naturally, feeling more vibrant, energetic, having better sleep, improving digestion and shiny skin. Drinking this coffee will make you feel good and awaken all senses.

Made In Malaysia
EXPIRED DATE : 31/12/2020


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