Happy Grains 1.2kg (Free 1 Shaker)

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A product originated from Australia with the world's leading Cell-Wall Breaking Technique to saved the maximum integration among various elements for 3-4 times better absorption as compared to other similar products and give you the most variety of whole grains . It provides 3-4 times more nutrition and anti-illness elements as compared to normal food . It is the best choice for those who care about their family and loves one.

Happy Grains contains more than 40 types of grains such as whole grains, brown rice, oat, wheat, black soybeans, vitamins, mineral, dietary fiber. People who eat whole grains as part of a healthy diet have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases.

Consuming Happy Grains which is rich in various type of grains provide many nutrients that are vital for the health and maintenance of our bodies. Some key benefits are:

- Increase red blood cells, immune system, free radical scavenger, anti-tumor capacity

- Improve women's premenstrual syndrome, helps balance hormones, beautify the skin, insomnia

- Very good taste, aromatic and smooth, best for children breakfast

- Suitable for age 1 and above and pregnant women

- 100% natural, No refined sugar, No preservatives, No creamer, No GMO

- Provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories

- Supplement with minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and chromium).

- Strengthen spleen and respiratory function. Reduce water retention

- Promote bone health

- Prevent constipation because of its dietary fiber

- Inhibiting lipids cell formation, prevent obesity

- Using Stevia leaf as natural sweetener is suitable to people with diabetes.

Ideal for:

- Child

Intelligence and nimbleness (Develops the brain, strengthens the bones and teeth, and boosts the immune system)

- Adult

Energy and strength (Provides wholesome nutrition of calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, soluble fiber, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, regulates gastrointestinal functions, and restored the blood)

- Elderly

Health and happiness (Calcium to keep bones strong and healthy, prevents Alzheimer's disease, keeps the veins elastic and the heart healthy)

Suitable for all ages (especially for vegetarians, pregnant mothers, diabetics, and individuals with high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol).

Ingredient :

Instant Malt Cereal Powder, Brown Rice, Black Soybean, Adlay, Black Glutinous Rice, Sorghum Rice, Oat, Pearl Rice, Wheat Germ, Buckwheat, Wheat, Tuckahoe, Yam, Gordon Euryale Seeds, Lily, Gingko Nut, Black Sesame, Oat Bran(Beta Glucan), Red Bean, Soy Bean, Green Bean, Black Eyed Pea, Vitamin B, Mineral (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium), Oat Fiber, Soluble Fiber, Apple Fiber, Stevia, Red Beet.

Direction: Mix 2 scoops with a glass of warm water, stir well and enjoy the drink.
Precaution: Keep in cool dry place.
Net Weight: 1.2kg

Gross Weight: 1.45kg



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