SkyFruit (Tunjuk Langit) 1kg

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Sky Fruit is the fruit of mahogany tree (Swietenia macrophylla) that grows in the majority of Asian countries. This fruit is also named “buah tunjuk langit” in the Malay language and 向天果/Xiang Tian Guo in chinese. It gets its unique name due to the way it hangs on the tree.

Unlike most fruits, which hang downward, sky fruit hangs upward and its stalk points to the sky. In almost all countries where mahogany grows, sky fruit is commonly used as herbal remedy that helps improve blood circulation, treat diabetes, and cure impotence. Although scientific evidence affirming its efficacy as an herbal remedy is still weak, many people have already used it and anecdotal reports have recorded the health benefits of the fruit. Besides, the revelation of various substances that the fruit contains may give reliable scientific clues of how efficacious the fruit is and how numerous sky fruit health benefits are.

Keistimewaan SkyFruit adalah kandungan semula jadi yang diperolehi mudah terhadam dan diserap oleh tubuh badan untuk mengekalkan kesihatan.



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