Return & Replacement

How do I return an item?

Easy steps for Returns request!

Login your account and go to my Orders page to look for your order ID. Email us the image of product condition to
Please attach your order details together with email.
Our team will investigate and response as soon as possible within 24 hours to 72 hours and guide you on how to Pack the Item(s) & attach specific documents on the Box Follow the instructions and guidelines from our phone call or our e-mail, depends on how much information is required. Refund/Replacement Processing

Note: Contact our Customer Service if you are unable to access the Start Communication tab on the above guidelines. We are happy to help you with your return.

Important: What you need to know?

  • If you are unable to print Shipping Label, write the RA code on top of the box. RA code can be found on the Online Return Form (format RNXXXXXXXXXXXX).
  • Make sure to attach your Shipping Label on top of the box. If shipping label is not printed then you can fill up a copy of the consignment note provided by our courier partner.
  • Shipping fee is free provided that you presented the Shipping Label copy at our courier partner counter.
  • Alternatively, you can also ship your return item using any courier service and your courier fee will be reimbursed if it’s a valid return.

You can also track your return status via the Order page from our communication message.

What is Halal Food Master Returns policy?

Depending on the applied Return policy, you may return your item to us within 24 to 48 hours. Countdown starts from the date you received the item.

Can I return an item after the Halal Food Master Return Policy coverage days?
  • Your item cannot be returned after 48 hours after received from our courier partners.

Requirements for a valid return:

  • Proof of purchase (order number, tax invoice, etc.)
  • Bank details in Shipping Label if the original payment is made via PayPal
  • Include printed Shipping Label and Halal Food Master Tax Invoice in each return package box
  • Reason for return has to be valid and return acceptance conditions met (check out below)

For which reasons can I return an item?

You may want to return your item due to any of the following reasons:

x : Not Required | ✓: Required

Reasons for return YOUR RETURN MUST BE :
New condition Sealed condition Complete (free gifts, accessories, original packaging) Not damaged Tags & labels attached
Delivery - Wrong Product

Product sealed should not be broken EXCEPT for item type that cannot be differentiated visually based on information provided on the box / packaging only

Quality - Damaged Product x x x
Quality - Defective x x
Quality - Product Condition
Website - Incorrect Content
Customer - Change of Mind (not applicable for items from overseas and fresh groceries)
Not As Expected


- In the unlikely event that your return does not meet requirement(s), our Suppliers / Manufacturers/ Halal Food Master will update your through phone call or email. In this instance, your return courier/postal fee will not be reimbursed.

- Milk formula products are returnable except for "change of mind" request. You are to ensure that product is not opened, as otherwise it will not be accepted for return.

- In the event that you have received damaged products, please contact us through or phone call within 24 hours to expedite the return/replacement/refund process.

How do I track my return status?

You can track return status using the tracking number provided to you by our courier partner or via Order page.

How long is the quality evaluation process?

Replacement / refund process begins after we have completed evaluating your returned product. This quality evaluation process may take up to 7 business days. We will send you an email and phone call once completed.

Please expect to receive your replacement within the following time frame:

  • In Peninsular (West Malaysia) : 7 working days
  • In Sabah & Sarawak (East Malaysia) : 10 working days

How do I know if replacement has been processed?

You will receive an email notification stating that we are now processing the replacement for your order. You will also be given a new order number.

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