Ho Yan Hor Calming Everyday tea 2g x 25s (3 Boxes)

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Everybody can drink it every day!

Ho Yan Hor Calming tea comes in a combination of goodness from 20 Chinese Traditional Herbs plus Mulberry Tea leaves tea base. Drink a cup a day serves as health tonic for you to stay vibrant and healthy.

  1. 20 types of carefully selected Chinese Traditional Herbs to help
  • Reduce Heatiness
  • Calms and relieve tension
  • Improve general health and well being

  1. Mulberry tea contains in abundance of minerals and vitamins and is traditionally used to assist in
  • Improving eye health
  • Boost liver health
  • Clear skin



何人可舒缓养生茶是自20种中草药加上桑叶茶叶茶炮制。每天饮用,有助养生健体, 让您保持活力和健康。

  1. 20种精心挑选的中草药帮助
  • 清热降火
  • 松懈舒缓紧张情绪
  • 养生和促进健康

  1. 桑叶茶含丰富的矿物质和维生素,传统上常用于
  • 明目,护眼
  • 清肝,养肝
  • 护肤,养颜

The Unique formulation of Ho Yan Hor Calming tea:

• A unique natural tea blend of 20 specially chosen herbs with Folium Mori, commonly known as Mulberry leaves

• Caffeine free - does not affect sleep quality

• 100% natural. No preservatives, No artificial flavouring & colouring.

• FREE from pesticides contamination

• Manufactured under the stringent GMP standard

• Each sachet is individual machine packed in a hygienic environment

• HALAL certified


  • 由20种特选草药和桑叶炮制
  • 不含咖啡因 - 不影响睡眠质量


  • 无农药污染
  • 根据严格的GMP标准生产
  • 每个茶包都是在严格卫生环境下由机器包装
  • HALAL认证


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