HURIX'S besVinger Hawthorn Honey Vinegar (265ml)

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HURIX'S besVinger Hawthorn Honey Vinegar (265ml)

is made with natural premium Vinegar, Hawthorn, Purslane and natural honey.

- its unique aroma combined with sensation of taste is an ideal drink for everyone.

- promotes digestion, regulate blood pressure, improve vascular disease, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, enhance immunity.

Treasure Food of Hawthorn

- Maslinic acid can reduce phlegm and relieve throat discomfort

- Hawthorn contains antioxidant, which can delay aging, promote beauty and maintain youthfulness

- Hawthorn has a refreshing effect and can effectively relieve fatigue

- Hawthorn promotes the digestion, absorbtion of nutrients and maintains health.

- Hawthorn can help to relieve women's menstrual symptoms.

Health benefits of Purslane

- Purslane has good antibacterial effect and has the effect of reduce body heatiness and detoxification, reducing inflammation and diuresis

- Purslane has function of loweing blood sugar, thereby keeping the blood sugar level constant

- It is rich in fatty acids, which can effectively reduce the risk of suffering from hypertention, diabetes and hypercholesterol

- Good for cardiovascular health.

Preparation method

Prepare at a ratio of 1 part hawthorn honey vinegar to 5 parts warm water. Do not dilute with hot water over 60˚C


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