​​Kordel Glutathione Lyco Plus (60's​)

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Kordel Glutathione Lyco Plus 60's

Kordel's Glutathione ALA Plus is formulated with OPITAC™ Kohjin's Glutathione from Japan. The clinically proven OPITAC™ Glutathione has high bioavailability and studies have shown its benefits for liver detoxification, melanin inhibition and promote collagen production. The formula is also added with Tomato Complex (Lycopene) which is a natural UV protector with potent photoprotective property and studies also shown that Lycopene helps to reduce skin inflammations. The red pigments found in tomato helps to give rosy complexion to the cheeks. Added with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and Zinc further enhance the antioxidant effects

Kordel’s Glutathione ALA Plus For Internal & External Beauty

Take 2 capsules daily after meals


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