A Ultimate Guide to Pasta Shapes and Names.

by Mac heng

Bucatini, Capellini, Fettuccine, Conchiglie, and more.....Pasta comes in more than 600 shapes and there are 1300 different pasta names that you can find across the world.

Here's a handy guide of pasta shapes and names for you.

1. Tortellini

Can be filled with meat or cheese or vegetables and served with light sauces and in soups.

Category: Stuffed pasta

Pronunciation: Tore-tuh-lee-nee

Typical pasta cooking time: 4-9 minutes

2. Penne..

It can be prepared al dente with any sauce or can be added to salads or baked in casseroles.

Category: Tubular pasta

Pronunciation: Peh-neh

Typical pasta cooking itme: 10-13 minutes

3. Ravioli..

Filled with meat, cheese or vegetables and dressed in light sauces.

Category: Stuffed pasta

Pronunciation: Ra-vee-oh-lee

Typical pasta cooking time: 4-9 minutes

4. Pastina..

The smallest type of pasta produced and is used in soups and broths.

Category: Soup pasta

Pronunciation: Pah-stee-nah

Typical pasta cooking time: 4-5 minutes

5. Fusilli..

Goes well with every pasta sauces or baked in casseroles.

Category: Shaped pasta

Pronunciation: Foo-zee-lee

Typical pasta cooking time: 10-13 minutes

6. Rigatoni..

Great for pairing with any sauce, from creamy or cheesy to chunky meat sauces.

Category: Tubular pasta

Pronunciation: Rig-uh-TOE-nee

Typical pasta cooking time: 10-15 minutes

7. Spaghetti..

Traditionally served with tomato sauce but goes well with nearly any sauce.

Category: Strand pasta

Pronunciation: Spah-geh-tee

Typical pasta cooking time: 8-12 minutes

8. Capellini aka Angel Hair..

The thinnest and most delicate of the string pastas and best paired with light sauces.

Category: Strand pasta

Pronunciation: Kah-peh-lee-nee

Typical pasta cooking time: 2-6 minutes

9. Agnolotti..

Usually filled with braised meat and served in a simple beef broth.

Category: Stuffed pasta

Pronunciation: Ah-nyuh-LAHT-tee

Typical pasta cooking time: 4-7 minutes

10. Bucatini..

Similar to spaghetti, but it has narrow hole in the center.

Category: Tubular pasta

Pronunciation: Boo-ka-tini

Typical pasta cooking time: 9-13 minutes

11. Lasagna..

Typically layered with sauce and cheese to form lasagne.

Category: Flat pasta

Pronunciation: Luh-zahn-yuh

Typical pasta cooking time: 11-15 minutes

12. Farfalle..

Perfect for cream-based sauces or in pasta salads.

Category: Bow-tie pasta

Pronunciation: Far-fah-lay

Typical pasta cooking time: 8-15 minutes

13. Fettuccine..

Often paired with heavier sauces, especially creamy Alfredo sauce.

Category: Ribbon pasta

Pronunciation: fay-tuh-chee-nee

Typical pasta cooking time: 8-13 minutes

14. Macaroni..

Mac and Cheese, of course!

Category: Tubular pasta

Pronunciation: Mac-uh-row-nee

Typical pasta cooking time: 9-12 minutes

15. Pappardelle..

Widest and flattest of the ribbon pastas - best served with oily sauces or thick meat sauce.

Category: Ribbon pasta

Pronunciation: Pa-par-day-lay

Typical pasta cooking time: 7-10 minutes

16. Tagliatelle..

Similar to fettuccine - served either with a classic meat sauce or a Bolognese or a creamy mushroom sauce.

Category: Ribbon pasta

Pronunciation: Tah-lyah-tell-eh

Typical pasta cooking time: 7-10 minutes

17. Linguine..

Traditionally served with seafood or pesto.

Category: Ribbon pasta

Pronunciation: Lin-gwee-nee

Typical pasta cooking time: 9-13 minutes

18. Gnocchi..

Typically served with a savory white or red sauce.

Category: Shaped pasta

Pronunciation: No-kee

Typical pasta cooking time: 12-15 minutes

19. Conchiglie..

Great in a pasta bake.

Category: Shaped pasta.

Pronunciation: Kon-keel-yay

Typical pasta cooking time: 10-12 minutes

20. Anelli..

Anelli is best served as part of delicious Italian soups.

Category: Soup pasta

Pronunciation: Ah-nell-lee

Typical pasta cooking time: 7-10 minutes


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