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by Mohd Aizat asbhy

Discover Ingredients

Each ingredient of Amazin' Graze Snacks is thoughtfully chosen and innovatively combined, for an ultimate experience of taste, texture and nutrition.

Traditional Rolled Oats

Oats function as the 'base' of each Amazin' Granola, giving it hearty flavour, texture, and valuable nutrition.

Tree Nuts & Seeds

Amazin' Graze Snacks all contain a variety of nuts - almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, name it! Besides having a fun, crunchy texture and earthy flavour, the nuts in Amazin' Graze Snacks also function as the main source of plant-powered protein, healthy fats, and fat-soluble vitamins (like Vitamin E).


Amazin' Graze Granolas all contain superfoods like chia seeds, flax seeds, and buckwheat! Thease are mixed in with the other ingredients to add texture, flavour, and a whole lot of nutrition. Chia seeds and flax seeds, in particular, are great sources of protein, fiber, and Omega-3s.

Natural Sweeteners

We use only unrefined sweeteners (honey, coconut sugar, and Gula Melaka) in all our Amazin' Graze Snacks. These unrefined sweeteners have more natural vitamins & minerals and help prevent blood sugar spikes.


As a finishing touch, we add some of nature's candy - dried fruits like goji berries, blueberries, longans, cherries, and more. These dried fruits are morsels of delightful sweetness, and are packed with nutrients like fiber, potassium, iron and antioxidants!

Discover Freshness

Discover how your favourite snacks are handcrafted fresh daily in our Amazin' Kitchen.

Ingredients Measured

Every ingredient is carefully measured to ensure the best taste, texture, and quality is maintained.

Mixed by Hand

All the ingredients are mixed by hand, making sure our signature flavours permeate every bite!

Baked to Perfection

The freshly mixed ingredients are then baked in the oven, to give them that classic golden glaze and crunch we all love!

Packed & Sealed for Freshness

After a short cooling period, the snacks are handpacked and sealed to retain the best freshness & flavour.

Delivered to You & Tracked

Every pack can be tracked by our unique batch number to identify every step of the process that went into the making of the product.

Discover Occasions

With the perfect balance of nutrition and irresistible crunch, Amazin' Graze Snacks make the perfect companion for any of life's ordinary and extraordinary adventures.


As an energizing breakfast to start your day.


As a convenient, nourishing snack on-the-go.


As a perfectly sweet ending to a satisfying meal.


As a way to refuel & recharge after a good workout.


As brain fuel between work meetings & deadlines.


As a thoughtful gift to delight your loved ones.


As inspiration for some creativity in the kitchen.


As a little piece of home while you explore the world.

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