Kapal Api Coffee Is A Great Coffee

by RC L

If you have lived for sometime in Indonesia, you will most probably have heard about Kapal Api coffee. It is considered as the market leader for coffee brands in Indonesia where it is renowned throughout the archipelago. Kapal Api coffee beans hails from the finest coffee growing regions in Indonesia and processed with modern machines to give you the freshest coffee.

Kapal Api Coffee’s best coffee is probably the Kapal Api Coffee Special blend which is perfectly roasted and ground for your convenience. It normally comes in 165 gr sealed packs donned with its famous ship silhouette in red. To make a perfect cup of Kapal Api Coffee with this blend, simply mix the powder with piping hot water and either use a coffee press or filter bags then add sugar or creamer to your liking. Although Kapal Api Coffee makes a host of other coffee mixes like 3-in-1 coffee, black coffee with sugar, or even coffee mocha variants, we feel that the Kapal Api Coffee Special blend is still the best among the bunch. The moment you open the packaging, you can instantly smell the freshness of the coffee and boy it has an absolutely great smell. Kapal Api Coffee is also roasted to a great color and ground fine enough for you to use it with espresso machines.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself one bag of this rich blend and savor great mornings with great coffee.

Purchase from: https://www.halalfoodmaster.com/indadi-utama/


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