NANKA Plant Based Mixed Chicken Patties (80g x 4 pcs)

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A 'flexitarian' wonder - mixed from jackfruit and chicken meat, to those who really can't let go of the chicken cravings but still want to eat healthy! We use only lean chicken with minimal fat giving you that extra protein power.

Jackfruit forms the basis of our plant-based food range. The plant-based patty is made mainly of young jackfruit pulps. It has nearly similar physical characteristics to ordinary meat or chicken patty. It contains high fiber and water and low fat. The good taste mainly comes from the usage of mixed spices. Young jackfruit pulp makes the patty soft, easy to chew, and sustainable for all categories of consumers.

Our patties features are more fiber than most patties, soft textured, zero coloring, and zero flavorings. A patty is 9.3 cm in diameter, 1.4 cm in thickness, and 80 gm in weight. We used only jackfruit mince, meat (for mixed version), potato flour, corn flour, cassava flour, vegetable oil, textured vegetable protein, and spices.

70% Jackfruit + 30% Lean Meat Chicken [4 x 80g]


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