Coville Pineapple And Mix Nuts 160 grams

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Coville Pineapple And Mix Nuts 风梨堅菓子

Ingredients 成分 :

Almonds 杏仁

Pumpkin seeds 南瓜子

Walnuts 核桃

Pecans 胡桃

Organic Pineapple Crisp chips 鳳梨脆片

Product of Taiwan

Origin of raw materials: USA, Taiwan

  • Quality fruits and nuts are carefully chosen and their freshness are strictly preserved.
  • Fruits and nuts are baked and processed at low temperature to retain their natural goodness.
  • 低溫烘焙,保留原味
  • 嚴選「當季」最新鮮的原料
  • Benefits of nut -
    • Walnuts - Good for heart and circulatory system
    • Almonds - Helps provide good brain function
    • Pumpkin seeds - Good for the heart and liver
    • Pineapple - Immune System Support and Bone Strength
  • 堅果的好處 -
    • 核桃 - 对心臟和循環系統有好处
    • 杏仁 - 有助於提供良好的腦功能
    • 南瓜種子 - 对心臟和肝臟有好处
    • 菠蘿 - 免疫系統支持和骨骼力量


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