ORANG KAMPUNG Gamat Jelly (245ml)

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Gamat Jelly is very nutritious for relief after child birth, sickenss and internal surgical wounds. It can also help to cure ulcers in the intestines, treats haemorrhoids and asthma.

Benefits of Gamat Jelly:

  • Jeli Gamat Asli Orang Kampung traditionally used to heal internal wounds after surgery and childbirth.
  • It also helps heal ulcers in the stomach
  • Effectively restore the elasticity of blood vessels and is suitable for those who have high blood pressure

Active Compound:

  • Sea Cucumber ( Stichopus variegatus ) - Used to heal wounds , skin irritation , ulcers and as an antiseptic . In the form of sea cucumber extract used as extracts are likely to have better resistance against cucumber in liquid form .
  • Aloe Vera - serves to help delay the onset of HIV to healthy cells , improve digestion , is antiseptic and natural antibiotic.

Direction to use:

  • Adults: 1 tablespoon ( 10 mL ) two times a day .
  • Children: ½ tablespoon ( 5 mL ) two times a day .
  • Suitable for all ages except infants and small children 3 years old and younger


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