pH Honey Infuse Water (1 Carton)

pH Honey Infuse Water - 1CTN
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Nature's healthy beverage

pH Honey Infuse Water
Honey as an ancient natural remedy ingredients for good health being, it's one of nature's superfood (or as well like to say, nature's purest gift to wellness) which works wonders as a perfect pick-me-up but a natural remedy to pesky sore throat too!

all pH does, is to bring you the wholesome goodness of honey in form of Ready-to-drink infuse solution, combining accessibility & convenience while preserving maximum potency; just so you could savour premium quality at its freshest.

We Believe
Consumers are not just interested in quenching their thirst anymore, they are looking for beverages that provide health benefits. Using Melaleuca Honey as the key ingredients, it combines great taste with both natural ingredient and natural sweeteners that deliver nutritional integrity and benefits for the whole body.

Just follow these simple steps:

1 Carton : 24 Bottle

Product Dimension:

Length, Width, Height : 39cm * 26cm * 29cm

Net Weight* 395g +- per bottle


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