Rosie's Ross Premium Matcha Powder (4 sachets x 25gm)

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The finely ground, talc-like powder of shade-grown Japanese green tea. Grown for roughly three weeks, the plants are covered to prevent the direct contact with the sun, a process that increases chlorophyll and production of amino acids, most notably theanine.

After dying, the plants are de-stemmed, de-veined and stone ground to create the powdery tea, which is used in tea ceremonies, drinks, as coloring & flavoring for culinary dishes.

It has become very popular lifestyle trend today because of multi-benefits in Matcha and people derived positive feelings from sipping it.

Culinary/ Kitchen grade Matcha is different from ceremony grade Matcha (Rosie’s Ross Premium Matcha Teatox). It tends to has stronger flavor and allow the flavor of Matcha to be outstanding when mixed with other culinary ingredients. Rosie’s Ross Matcha Green Tea Powder (Culinary Grade) is perfectly perfect for confectionery, baking, making dessert and dishes.

Make your own barista at home:

Rosie’s Ross Matcha Green Tea Powder also suitable for casual drinks such as Matcha Latte, Smoothies, Ice-cream, Espresso Matcha, Matcha dessert topping and etc.

Good Choice!

Kitchen grade matcha are produced with high quality mature tea leaf, therefore it has stronger refreshing matcha green tea taste, make it an ideal choice for culinary.


Rosie's Ross Matcha Green Tea Powder (Kitchen Grade)

- Imported exclusively from Japan

100% Natural

100% No colouring

100% No sugar contains

100% No additive


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