TIGERUS® Cordyceps Sinensis Fruiting Body (60’s)

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Cordyceps sinensis, or Dong Chong Xia Cao (winter worm, summer grass) is a rare and exotic medicinal mushroom found in Tibet, China. It has long been treasured as a precious health supplement affordable only to the royal court. It has long been used as a natural tonic to strengthen vital essence and for promoting longevity. It is traditionally used for general health to enhance men energy, stamina and building a strong body.

Recently, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts have discovered that Cordyceps may support increased oxygen uptake and higher endurance levels.


Each vegecap contains 300mg of halal & organic certified cultivated Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body

Who Should Take

Women & men in the workplace who have busy stressful lifestyle;

Students who need to stay energized & focused

Elderly for overall health maintenance

Suitable for those recovering from illness or have weak composition;

How to Take

Adult – 2 capsules per day

Children – 1 capsule per day


Fights fatigue & burnout especially for people with busy lifestyle

Increases your focus, All-day energy and productivity

Strengthens the body, invigorates energy, improves blood circulation

Improves overall health

Supports natural immunity


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