TOGI Spices Gift Pack (Herbal Chicken & Traditional Broth) 35gm x 2 Packs

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TOGI Spices Gift Pack (Herbal Chicken & Traditional Broth)同济汤包礼盒装

Togi Spices Gift Set brings to you an original cuisine taste in an instant pack. Quickly dissolve and unites well with the meal which saves time for food preparation task, and ready to be served on the dining table for a happy dinner moment with your family.


  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • Package contents: White Pepper Soup Spices 35g x 1 & Herbal chicken Soup Spices 35 g

As an old Chinese saying goes: “Hunger breeds discontentment, food to soup as a first.”From time immemorial, our ancestors knew how to make a variety of delicious soup. Nowadays, in the daily routine meal or festive feast, soup indispensable because of its high nutritional.

Traditional Chinese physician doggerel: “A soup before meals, better than medicine side.” Physician believes that soup can strengthen spleen, improves appetite, nourish throat, improve physical health anddispel pathogenic cold. Ingredients selection and combination is the secret to good soup. Fresh and high quality ingredients are selected for combination with herbs and condiments to make a pot of nutritious and delicious soup.

With the changing times and the popularity of fast food culture, soup made simplistic. The company Tongee (KL) Sdn Bhd with more than 50years in Chinese herbs business, with the expertise and experience to transforms the traditional herbs recipes into modern living style. Now you could taste and enjoy the old recipes in just three simple steps.

“Togi” herbs soup mixed with all natural ingredients, premium herbs and spices, it secret recipes derived from Chinese medicine shop. Now you can easily prepare a pot of nutritious and delicious soup to ease the family’s fatigue and illness. This is a pot of love and care that rejuvenates the family with an energy born of nature.

“Togi” nourishing soup series attain a balance with ingredients that are nutritious, and warm or neutral in nature.

The right bowl of soup contains a profound diet cultural history. Soup gradually becomes an indispensable part of life, more and more people pay attention to the soup ingredients. Now let us regain the history with Togi herb soup, reap the benefits and gain better health.

《民以食为天, 食以汤为先》。从远古时代起, 我们的祖先已懂得制作出各种味道鲜美的汤。也因其营养价值最为丰富,因此直到现在,汤在家常便饭或喜庆盛宴占了不可或缺的一席之地。




“同济”5大滋補湯水系列,不寒不燥,絕對適合一家大小。以下的方便湯包是都巿人進補的最好选择 。



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