TORK SHOU HEONG Jasmine Tea 上级香片 (15 sachets x 7.5g)

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TORK SHOU HEONG Jasmine Tea 上级香片 (15 sachets x 7.5g)



Premium Jasmine Tea renowned for its body of intense aroma. It is comfortably soothing to the throat bringing about mental relaxation. Improved temperament and helps to keep our body healthy and longevity. The feast is paired with fragrant tea, which is intended to help digestion, eliminate fat and detoxification: and keep the breath fresh. The tea contains polyphenolic compounds, which can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation: the aroma of jasmine can mild the stomach and unblock the stomach.

This product is selected from premium jasmine tea. It is natural, containing no artificial colours or preservatives.

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