TORK SHOU HEONG Ti Kuan Yin Tea 上级铁观音 (20 sachets x 8g)

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TORK SHOU HEONG Ti Kuan Yin Tea 上级铁观音 (20 sachets x 800g)


铁观音可提神益思 ,其功能主要在于茶叶中的咖啡碱。咖啡碱具有兴奋中柜神经,增进思维,提高效率的功能。因此,饮茶后能破睡,提神,去烦,解除疲倦,清醒头脑。能显着地提高口头答辩能力以及数学思维的反应。


Our company with ‘TI KUAN YIN’ Chinese Tea is selected among the best from famous tea plantations in china. Under special treatment process, its quality contains excellent taste with lasting aroma and helps to keep our body healthy and longevity. Ti Kuan Yin Tea can refresh your mind and its function is mainly the caffeine in tea. Caffeine has the functions of exciting the central nervous system, improve thinking and also improving efficiency. Therefore, after drinking tea, it can break sleep, refresh, get rid of annoyance, relieve fatigue, dear the mind, can significantly improve oral defense ability and mathematical thinking response.

This product is selected from premium ti kuan yin tea natural, containing no artificial colours or preservatives.

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