Vitarite Gold Oral Liquid (450ml)

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Vitarite Gold Oral Liquid (450ml)

The Ayurvedic Treasure for Vitality
Vitarite Gold is a non-alcoholic tonic formulated in accordance to an exclusive Ayurvedic formulation using 15 types of selected precious herbs. It helps to promote health, increase energy, regulate organ functions, strengthen natural defence systems and more. It works in accordance to the principles of Ayurveda which promotes long term health benefits.


  1. Nourish Vitality
  2. Revitalize Energy
  3. Strengthens the Functions of Organs
  4. Increase Immunity
  5. Promote Blood Circulation
  6. Increase Metabolism
  7. Invigorate Mind
  8. Boost Appetite
  9. Improve Digestive System

The Goodness of 15 Precious Herbs

  1. Elettaria Cardamomum 小豆蔻
  2. Cubeba Officinalis 姜澄茄
  3. Cycas Circinalis 卷圈苏铁
  4. Orchis Mascula 沙列希兰
  5. Asparagus Racemosus 蔓状天门冬
  6. Mimusops Elengi 爱氏明树
  7. Artanema Sesamoides 胡麻
  8. Saussurea Lappa 云木香
  9. Clycyrrhiza Glabra 光果甘草
  10. Piper Longum 毕拨
  11. Hemidesmus Indicus 印度茯苓
  12. Myristica Fragrans 肉豆蔻
  13. Withania Somnifera 南菲醉茄
  14. Eclipta Alba 旱莲草
  15. Phyllanthus Niruri 叶下珠


3 times daily (morning, afternoon and evening), after meals. Each time 5-15ml for adults, half dose for children. Dilute with warm water. Shake the bottle well before consumption.


Product Leaflet (Vitarite_Gold_Oral_Liquid_Product_Leaflet.pdf, 374 Kb) [Download]

FAQ(Chinese Version) (Chinese_Version_FAQ.jpg, 140 Kb) [Download]

FAQ(English Version) (Engish_Version_FAQ.jpg, 465 Kb) [Download]


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