YCH Longan Honey / 游建好龍眼蜜 (430g)

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游建好龍眼蜜 YCH Longan Honey


龍眼蜜的作用: 养血安神、养颜,清热润燥、开胃益脾,增进食欲、提高免疫力

Longan Honey

South Taiwan’s Dagangshan created this aroma rich longan honey. The honey color is amber, the taste is sweet, and it is not easy to crystallize. Longan honey is also rich in minerals, not greasy, and refreshing.

Benefit of Longan Honey: Nourishing Blood, Calm and relaxing, Nourishing the skin, Clears body heat and Moistening dryness, Nourish spleen, Increasing appetite and Improves immune system.


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